Human resources departments are a vital part of any organization. HR professionals are essential for ensuring that an organization’s most valuable asset – its employees – are engaged, productive, and happy. Here are a few ways that human resources keeps things going. 


Talent Management and Acquisition

Human resources plays a crucial role in finding and managing the talented and hard-working employees that organizations need in order to thrive.  They are responsible for employee development, performance management, and career paths. HR, partnering with management, provides leadership in developing strategies for recruiting and retaining excellent employees. 


Employee Benefits and Payroll

HR departments are also responsible for conducting research, making recommendations, and effectuating implementation of all employee benefits programs. This is crucial for attracting and keeping employees who are engaged and positive about their workplace experiences.  


Employee Advocate

Employees who have problems may not feel comfortable approaching a manager. An HR professional can offer helpful tools when it comes to handling difficult scenarios and can even mediate talks between two parties. HR also helps management find ways to work with employees more effectively (especially in stressful situations). HR is the leading player in making sure that everyone in the organization has a productive working relationship


Recommending and Implementing Strategy 

HR also works to recommend and institute strategies to help organizations move forward in achieving their overall strategic goals.  HR is often responsible for directing and overseeing new programs and protocols during times of change.