Many factors can impact how employees perform in the workplace. Concerns regarding the extent of management support, the level of workplace stress, and expectations regarding salary increases affect all industries. Here are a few suggestions to consider when thinking about ways to motivate employees to do their best work:

Environment:  The importance of a comfortable work area should not be downplayed. Flickering lights and ventilation issues are distracting and unhealthy. Providing (and maintaining) a well-lit office with good airflow and temperature control is a first step in ensuring that employees are healthy, happy and productive.   

Well-Being: Promoting a positive work environment can result in employees feeling less tense, less overwhelmed, and yes, more positive about their work. According to Chron, a 2003 study discovered that “an absence of positive work experiences increased employee stress more than the presence of negative experiences.” Employees who are feeling negative and unhappy may “check out” of work both physically and emotionally. Employees who are positive and happy, on the other hand, are more engaged on a day-to-day basis.   

Support: A supportive boss can make such a tremendous difference in the workplace. Having someone at the leadership level who is honest, transparent and understanding can make employees want to do the best job they can. Successful supervisors thank and praise employees when they do something noteworthy. They also seek solutions when problems arise, rather than engaging in pointing fingers and blaming others. Positive recognition in the workplace can go a long way.

Incentives: All of us want to be appreciated and recognized for the work we do. Rewards such as monetary bonuses, extra vacation days, etc. can “incentivize” employees to work harder. Implementing a reward/incentive system can also lead to a boost in employee morale.

Employers’ actions can play a crucial role in optimizing employee performance. Steps such as creating a workplace where everyone will feel comfortable, demonstrating ways in which the well-being of employees is considered, offering consistent support from management and providing various types of incentives can improve productivity and efficiency, create employee turnover and ensure top quality results.