You may primarily think of human resources as the employer’s version of the “principal’s office” – i.e., a place where you go only when you’re in trouble. However, I really encourage you to recognize the seminal role that human resource professionals can play in engaging, developing, and retaining employees.. For example, what are your goals? Have you thought about talking to HR about what you hope to accomplish in your work life? Here are some areas HR can guide you and help you find clarity. 

Future Career Planning 

HR can be a valuable resource for employees who may be thinking about future career opportunities. Having the chance to discuss professional goals and interests with someone who understands company culture can help you better define your role and realize your potential in the organization. Encouraging HR to meet with employees seeking to develop a career path also benefits the employer by providing an opportunity for the executive leadership to learn about the skills and interests of its employees and to keep those employees in mind for positions within the organization. 

Training Sessions 

A robust training program is, in my opinion, integral to engaging and retaining employees. Interacting with employees and managers about the skill sets needed both to perform current jobs and to move up in an organization are great ways for HR to come up with an initial list of training to offer. In addition, seminars on career assessment tools and informational sessions including the essential functions of and other details about various types of jobs exemplify an organizational culture that is willing to invest in and cares about developing its employees. 

Professional Development 

HR can be a resource for finding out about volunteer opportunities and professional organizations that can be helpful to employees. 

Updating Resumes 

HR professionals with experience in drafting position descriptions, posting job opportunities, and screening candidates can be “in house” experts at advising employees on ways in which they can better present themselves when applying for promotions. I encourage you to reach out to HR and ask if they can offer some assistance in revamping your resume