COVID-19 has fundamentally changed so much about the ways that workplaces operate.  Though companies continue to hire new employees, the traditional methods of recruiting and onboarding these new employees have been upended.  


  Social distancing guidelines require many of us to work remotely.  Here are some tips to help those of us in the recruiting world adapt to the “new normal”:


Consider Video Chat

Video chat has become a preferred method of interviewing candidates.   I suggest organizations look at various options when selecting a platform. The technology your company chooses should offer, in addition to being easy to use and financially feasible, data security and privacy during the recruitment process.  It is also essential for recruiters to develop procedures that will accommodate candidates who cannot access the selected technology. Finally, since many of us are more familiar with in person interviews, recruiters who are new to video interviews should take time to prepare for this new format.  


Provide Candidates with Guidelines

Organizations should brief candidates in advance on how the interview will be conducted.  No, you don’t need to tell applicants the questions they will be asked!  However, I advise you to explain the logistics of the interview, offer some tips on how to use the platform, and provide some solutions to common problems that may arise while using the technology.  


Start With Ground Rules  

Start the interview by explaining to the candidate how the interview will be conducted – e.g., who is present, how and when to use the “mute” feature, etc.   If it’s a video interview, let the candidate know that it’s okay if you hear kids laughing, garbage trucks, or dogs barking. This will help put the candidate more at ease throughout the interview.


Managers Need to Prepare

The recruiting process affects everyone in the organization. Managers and supervisors also need to be comfortable with the process. If they are conducting the interviews from home, remind them to wear their normal office attire. This will help in setting a more professional tone. The organization should be ready to discuss whether the job will be performed remotely and any other changes impacted by COVID-19.  


Conclude the Interview with Clear Details

The recruiter should let the candidate understand that the hiring process might take longer than expected.  They might want to encourage candidates to keep in touch.  At the same time, recruiters should also try to stay in contact with candidates and update them when appropriate.